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"I visited your booth at the farmers market in Shepherdstown WV this summer and bought some of your hot sauce.  It was a huge hit!  Can I purchase 3 or 4 bottles of the one that contains Habanero, Ghost and Moruga online?"
Mary B.
Marshall, MI
"Hi Guys! OMG. The Chipotle sauce from Rivas Salsas + our pasta dinner = UNREAL.  This stuff may give Shrirachiachi a run for it's money!
Keep up the great work!"
Kathy A.
Dumfries, VA

"By the way - your salsa is wonderful!  The Tomatillo is our favorite of the three we tried, but they were all yummy!  (One was a chipotle, and I think the other was Mild?)
Lynda L.
Savannah, GA 
"We served this at a party and it was very popular. Too hot for some folks, but for those who love a spicy salsa, Rivas Salsas de Mexico is a real treat! Chipotle lovers will find this to be a very satisfying salsa--thick but not too chunky, with a deep, rich color. Very flavorful at first bite--then the heat follows. Beware and be ready for a delicious hot salsa!"
"This salsa looks and tastes like fresh-made, you know, the kind that you buy in a container in the product section of the grocery store. We don't know how they do it! The taste is very tomatoey, with a bit of onion and spice. The color is nice and red. We enjoyed this with chips. Delicious!"
"I received the Salsa yesterday.  My 10 and 8 year old girls dont like salsa to much, so I opened the Mild first to let them taste it.  Before we had dinner the entire bottle was gone and we opened the other.  They loved it. Excellent !!!!"
-Dave Q.
-Savannah, GA
I tried the pocha and the habernero and they were wonderful.  I will definitely be ordering more of them in the future.  They are without a doubt the best hot sauces I have ever eaten.
Thanks again for taking care of the busted bottle.
-Marilyn S.
Newburgh, IN
"Her salsas are the best1 All home made and really have a KICK so beware! This is the real stuff ..if I am correct i was able to purchase in Shepherdstwon @ German St. Coff & Candlery. If you want authentic salsa this is the one tp purchase!"
C T Walls & Floors of Charles Town, WV
"Hi, I bought some of your salsa while visiting Shepardstown at the Farmer's Market.  It was probably the best we've ever had!  So, I just bought nine more bottles off your website.  Just wanted to let you know it's great.  Thanks"
-Wendy W.
 Falls Church, VA

"I received the salsas on Friday. Thank you so much for such quick delivery and tracking options; I look forward to purchasing from you again!"
-Adam K.
 Emmitsburg MD


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